Team Player of the Month: Brad Van Horne

Team Player Brad Van HorneThis month our team player photo looks different than normal. This stained glass piece, pictured above, was designed, created and gifted to hang in our Brentwood office by Brad Vanhorne. The hours put into this beautiful piece of art are only a fraction of the hours Brad has contributed to Brentwood. Thank you Brad for this amazing addition to our unforgettable office and even more so the countless hours of dedication you have invested in helping us build the technology infrastructure to allow our team to create the unforgettable life experience every trip. Brad will continue to work alongside of Brentwood but has just recently committed to grow his own vision, Sharing Local (more to come).  Brad has a huge passion to see small companies use software typically only large organizations could ever afford. Because of this burning desire, Brentwood now has the infrastructure of a large organization most people would never know about. Thank you Brad for sharing your genius and your commitment with Brentwood.


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