Be Creative – 15 Celebration Planning Ideas

15 Celebration Planning IdeasWith social distancing most people feel separated and their important life events forgotten. With a chauffeured limo experience from Brentwood Livery you can still celebrate, smiling ear to ear.

As you start to plan your celebration, here are a couple ideas to consider to help you make the most of your time and Be Celebrated Smiling Ear to Ear.


  1. Pick a theme. Eg. 50th birthday could include 1970’s theme
  2. Include as many of your senses as you can to engage emotions and solidify memories 
  3. Look – Include visually appealing sites, images on screen, banners. Look the part! Dress for success. 
  4. Listen – make a fun set list or stream a party theme live with Bluetooth
  5. Taste – include your favourite beverages and/or food
  6. Smell – Include Flowers? Food? Wine?
  7. Touch – Just sitting on a plush leather limo seat is a great start! 
  8. Visit your favourite locations
  9. Visit your favourite people
  10. Capture a lot of pictures – especially with those people you love. Pick some fun places to stop and take pictures inside and outside the limo.
  11. Add a surprise element to your event.  People? Stops? Costumes? 
  12. Put a clue in an envelop or have the chauffeur share it with your guests as part of a scavenger hunt or amazing race idea! 
  13. Create a friendly competition everyone can be involved in to increase engagement
  14. Play name that tune or host Limo Karaoke
  15. Stream video or a picture slideshow of the person being celebrated on the TV’s while you cruise the city


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