Is it Really Worth Organizing A Limousine For My Event?

Remarkable, Unexpected, Unforgettable Outcomes


However large your group, however far you may need to go, however lengthy the planning period, if you have people to move you have decisions to make.

  • Do you just need basic transportation?
  • Do you need some help with the planning and logistics?
  • Do you want to reduce the stress of putting it all together?
  • Do you want to create unforgettable memories or do something special?

If you considered answering yes to the last three questions you should consider ALL the benefits of a chauffeured limousine experience.

Transforming ordinary transportation into unforgettable life events is something Brentwood Livery has been in the business of doing for more than 25 years.  Whether it is an intimate evening for two, a stress-free ride to the game, or an event for 30 we can transform your transportation into something special. Don’t be surprised if the journey becomes as memorable as the destination.

It’s when travel isn’t about travel anymore and becomes something more. It’s not just an outing, it’s the perfect event designed for you, with you and by you.  Our clients say it best:


The whole package was great! From the great customer service from everyone to the cleanliness of the limo. But probably the most valuable part was all the tips and help with the planning that I received from the customer service rep. Christina Chavez was appreciative of the help she received planning her friend’s birthday party.


Jessica Schumacher was well pleased with how Brentwood helped the stagette run so smoothly.

The price was just right, as well as the timing of everything with the chauffeur. He showed up on time, and was at each bar waiting when we asked. Made for a smooth transitioned evening.

An experienced chauffeur can make even the unexpected wrinkle smoother as Maria Gatt explains of her family social event.  She was asked about the most valuable part of the service.

Definitely our chauffeur…Colin arrived with a paper gold crown and was the first to see and surprise Fred…It was perfect….except we hit two accidents on the way so getting there on time became an challange…Colin suggested calling ahead to let the venue know we were going to be late…yet he ended up getting us there safely only a few minutes behind what we expected….Great job Colin!


Shelley Henhoffler was so thankful of a helpful and timely recommendation on the day of her group’s wine tour.

Our chauffeur, John, was very prompt and courteous. When one of our scheduled winery stops was not able to accept us as planned, he made helpful suggestions as to how to make up the time and was then able to return us to that stop once the rest of our plans were completed.


Brentwood cares, says Peter Schneider.  He was pleasantly surprised with how that manifested after his group’s restaurant trip.

One of the guys in our party left his suit coat on the bus. It was found by your staff under one of the seats. I offered to drop by and pick it up but they said they would drop it off to my house, which was very nice . The next day they delivered the jacket and to my surprise they also had it cleaned. That blew all of us away. Thank you very much

The service was amazing! I called (and both of my parents) to change pick up times and they never had a problem with it, the ladies were so nice on the phone! Nick got here early and let us take pictures, he wasted the perfect amount of time cruising around before and after! We had more fun in the limo than we did at the actual prom!!

Madison Such’s prom night was unforgettable thanks to the attention to all the little details that mattered.

I used Brentwood Livery as a surprise trip down to Toronto for a birthday to go for dinner and watch the Toronto Maple Leafs play. Our chauffeur Peter was a fantastic man. He made this night so much fun for us! On the way down we were in a traffic jam due to an accident on the 427. We started chatting with him and we were making a joke about having popcorn in the back to make it into a movie night. After the game Peter was right in front of the Air Canada Centre, he opened the door and had a bag of popcorn waiting for us! It’s a small thing that he did for us, but put a big smile on our face! Nolan Di Diomete found that the little things can make a big difference during a birthday trip to the game.


Amazing service worth every penny. We had a great time – players even commented that they wish we had more games in Stratford this season! Brentwood Livery will be definitely our go-to place for future games in upcoming years – thank you so much!!! Jelena Jerkovic said this of her experience getting her team to the game.

Amy Proudfoot sums it up.

Their service is above and beyond and worth every penny.

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