Why Do I Need A Limousine On My Wedding Day?

Five Unexpected, but fantastic Outcomes on their Wedding Day.


Guaranteed, Unlimited Miles of Smiles

Planning a wedding involves a lot of choices.  There are so many things to think about and many decisions to make. And every decision counts, from the venue to the veil to the vows. We know, sometimes it feels like there are too many decisions to even count but it’s your unforgettable day and ultimately your decision what’s important.  Many brides and grooms have felt what you are feeling with the months before their wedding filled with planning and organizing all the little details. What we have found is that even the best laid plans need massaging as they become real.  An experienced limousine service that specializes in weddings should help lift some of the burden.  Not only will we tick the boxes off your checklist but we may suggest new approaches for you to consider. However, on your wedding day, when it’s time to fulfill your plans, your wedding trained chauffeurs’ main focus is all centered around how you will FEEL when you arrive. Consider it as unlimited miles of smiles.  Our team at Brentwood Livery excels at making your wedding day and the days before as stress free as they can be.

In fact, we asked our clients how Brentwood Livery made life easier before the nuptials and on the Big Day and what surprised us was learning the unforgettable unexpected outcomes they experienced after hiring Brentwood.


Ashely Jordan didn’t find just one valuable part in Brentwood’s wedding service.

“There wasn’t just one, there were a few. First was the easy payments that I was able to make through email transfers. Second would be that everything was so easy. When our itinerary changed 2 days before the wedding day, the details were very easy to change. I also valued the confirmation email and phone call. Honestly with all of these things combined my mind was put at ease and I knew everything was taken care of, which is a good feeling on your wedding day!  

Courtney Lyons described her wedding experience with Brentwood Livery as…

Amazing! A great company that kept in touch throughout the entire planning process and ensured that we were on the same page and there was no confusion. Peter, our chauffeur was professional, polite and an important part of our wedding day. He spoke with many of our guests and allowed them to check out the Limo. It was quite impressive and I would definitely book with Brentwood again. What a great experience!


We didn’t have to worry about anything. The Chauffeur knew what needed to be done and he was punctual and intuitive – that is, we needed him to do multiple trips to take guests from the ceremony site to the reception, and the timeline was somewhat reliant on when clusters of our guests felt ready to leave. I was glad to not have to worry about coordinating this. Personally, I appreciated the last trip the chauffeur made – we (the newlyweds) wanted some time alone before heading to the reception, and he waited patiently while we sat on a bench and took it all in. I was very happy to not feel rushed. Amy Gray raved of her wedding day experience.  Timed wonderfully with a little preplanning and the help of her chauffeur.


A little fall rain didn’t dampen Kris Ronan’s wedding experience.

Your chauffeur showed up early, prepared and dressed professionally. The whole experience from the patience and care exhibited towards my 86yr old grandmother to providing extra umbrella’s for people who were unprepared, was second to none. I have traveled with Brentwood on a couple occasions prior, however, each time cements the well earned reputation of being the “BEST in the Region!”


Our chauffeur was wonderful! He even came over to provide my husband and I with bottled water between taking family photos after the ceremony, which was much needed and appreciated. The service exceeded my expectations. He was so friendly and polite, and made sure we were as comfortable as possible  says Meghan Aniol after her wedding.

It’s the unexpected extras that stand out, says Trevor Roffel.

The Late night Sedan chauffeur even took the initiative to take the long way around back to our hotel on our wedding day so we didn’t have to smell a skunk on the road, very thoughtful and service oriented culture.


I was uncertain at first given the price, but they more than earned it in the end! Fantastic service and great value.  Value more than exceeded the price for Maureen Anders in 2015.

Perhaps, Dominique Smith says it best.

Amazing all around.

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