Transforming Transportation into an Unforgettable Life Experience

Brentwood Livery, offering services of the highest order in chauffeured-driven service,  is proud to contribute to the best community in Canada, not only for work but for play. At Brentwood, “transforming transportation into an unforgettable life experience” is the underlying mission. The company’s success is strongly rooted in the value placed on relationships with guests, employees and the community as a whole. Since 1990, Brentwood has focused on delivering exceptional value, striving to exceed expectations. Every chauffeur is rigorously trained, experienced and professional, simply Waterloo Region’s mobile concierge team. Attention to detail is the guiding hallmark. Whether you want to impress a client, need a quiet ride to the airport, are attending a sporting or other event, sending the kids to prom, celebrating a birthday, anniversary or the biggest day of your life, Brentwood is the obvious choice in Waterloo Region. Brentwood understands it’s all about how you will feel when you arrive.


When time is too valuable to drive yourself. Don’t miss out on your next business opportunity when you can leverage the stress-free quiet comfort of chauffeured service. You deserve peace-of-mind, courtesy & discretion.


More than a driver… you deserve personalized chauffeured service that will transform your need for transportation into an unforgettable social event! Celebrate together and don’t lift another finger… unless it’s to lift a glass in celebration.


We know planning your wedding can feel overwhelming; we don’t just care about getting you there… we care about how you feel! At Brentwood Livery, we have been providing luxury chauffeured wedding limo services to Southwestern Ontario for 30 years!

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