Brent’s Personal Article: Road Trip!

father daughter road tripsWhat’s the secret to rich rewards in life? Is it Learning? Curiosity? Awareness? Relationships? Love? What is the secret to living a rich life? I had the privilege of going on two road trips over the holidays with one of my favourite people in the whole world. It wasn’t just a normal road trip, but a road trip that included high risk, great reward and tapping into two primary love languages – gifts & time spent together! Burritos, French vanillas, Milk shakes, new clothes, sunglasses, duty free shops, new experiences, new TikToks plus a whole lot of time learning how to drive on a 3-6 lane 400 series highway. Yes Madelyn is my firstborn and I am so grateful she loves time with her good ol’ dad. Road trips have been a fantastic bonding opportunity for us. We have both learned lots and best of all everytime we hit the road we better understand each other which has only deepened our love for each other. I love that Maddy loves driving, adventure and has an entrepreneurial mindset like me! Most importantly I love that she still loves spending quality time with dear ol dad.


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