Sean Gilders: September Team Player of the Month

Sean Gilders - September 2019 Team Player of the MonthIt doesn’t get any better than this, especially when someone seeks you to go for a coffee and after a brief socializing time you realize this months team player, will be perfect for our team. It’s a bonus when they are already pretty interested, pre-qualified and pretty motivated to take the job.

We added Sean Gilders to our team this year as our fleet and facility manager to help us grow Brentwood Livery to another level and he has earned team player of the month.

You might recognize Sean from the community in sales for his own business. If you know Sean from before that roll he has a background in operations and specifically fleet management. I am excited for Sean as he grows and systematizes the activities of his position. Yes, his daily objectives are the same; to execute flawless unforgettable service but with many moving parts. Our facility and team are big, but the learning curve is bigger given nothing is easily by the book. Essentially everything about a limo cut in half and stretched is custom built, even if it was duplicated a few times. Sean, your calmness of mind followed by your eagerness to see us succeed is refreshing and motivating. Thank you for bringing your influence of creativity and accuracy from your musician background to Brentwood Livery. You are a valuable addition to our team!


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