December Team Player of the Month: Maria

Team Player MariaSimilar to her favourite type of chocolate is the bittersweet feeling I have as I write this months team player article. There is a season for coming and a season for going. Maria’s coming to Brentwood Livery was over 8 years ago as she joined our finance team responsibilities. Although she was primarily responsible for putting money in the bank she daily crossed responsibilities and departments to make reservations, assign chauffeurs, or follow up to ensure each client received value. The unfortunate part of coming and going seasons can be the going, at least for those left behind. Maria’s time and desire for this change of season has her going… she will continue pursuing her desires to travel with her husband as her time with Brentwood Livery comes to an end.

If she is traveling by plane you might find her visiting family in Belize in the winter. In the nicer seasoned weather, surprisingly, she is no stranger to riding on the back of their motorcycle across the country. When she is not traveling you will find her lavishing love and hospitality on her B&B guests. She has been a diligent hardworking team member on our accounts receivable team and her kindness, compassion and knowledge will be missed. She is a person who loves to learn and share that wealth. Maria has used her knowledge to continuously improve our service offerings to our Brentwood Livery clients. If you know Maria she desires to live in harmony with those around her but most importantly we can proudly to say she lives with love and purpose. Your presence will be missed on our team but you will not be forgotten Maria!


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