Teaching Hospitality & Tourism Class

brent teaching a hospitality and tourism classLast month I had the opportunity to host a hospitality and tourism class at Brentwood from Woodland Christian High School.  What a pleasure it was to have 22 eager  to learn students interested in a topic we are very passionate about.  I am sharing this article in my personal column as I realize I get energized helping others Learn and Grow,  especially when it is about a topic I live and breathe.  My final challenge to the class was to submit 21 ideas to help Brentwood grow to the next level. Some of the topics discussed included:


  1. What does hospitality mean at Brentwood?
  2. What sets Brentwood apart from other transportation companies like Uber or a taxi service?
  3. How does your Faith influence the way you do business and interact with customers?
  4. How did you start/why you love this business?
  5. What is expected of your chauffeurs?
  6. Importance of first impressions, anticipating customer needs, looking to go the extra mile?
  7. What are your interactions with major events in the region?
  8. The Canada Games pitch and its potential for the region, the tourism side of things?
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