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Chauffeur Tip - Winter Tires
Don't remove your snow tires yet! Although the weather has been beautifully mild lately, if you remove your snow tires it is guaranteed to snow!
brent teaching a hospitality and tourism class
Last month I had the opportunity to host a hospitality and tourism class at Brentwood from Woodland Christian High School. What a pleasure it was to have 22 eager to learn students interested in a topic we are very passionate about.
Team Member of the month - Chauffeur Scott Buchanan aka Bucky
We call him Bucky but his given name is Scott Buchanan, our team player of the month. Scott is a genuine ‘salt of the Earth’ team player that is most concerned with the unforgettable experience our clients receive.

Transforming Transportation…

Behind the Scenes of our Video Project
Brentwood Livery Unforgettable Events Designed for You
12 months ago we had the idea and vision to expand our service in the event business. What better way to introduce the idea than to release a movie-quality video promoting, at our clients request, “Unforgettable Events Designed for You.” Some might call it a commercial or promotional video but we would prefer to think of it as our first ever “UNFORGETTABLE MOVIE”.

February Referring Client of the Month

Explore Waterloo Region #WeRally2021
Waterloo Region is bidding to host the 2021 Canada Games. This month we are pleased to Support the region #WeRally2021 #CanadaGames campaign by offering a prize to a lucky winner just for getting involved.
World Class Chauffeur Steve Martin
Steve Martin is not only our team player of the month but he is also the featured chauffeur in our new Brentwood movie promoting our All NEW Unforgettable “Designed for you” Events.

Walter Gretzky

Visits Brentwood
Walter Gretzky visits Brentwood Livery
It's not everyday you get a visit, let alone an affirmation, that your company is number ONE from legend himself, Walter Gretzky.

Happy 2017, It’s a New Year

Its time to Dream
commitment to positive habits and routines
With 2017 now underway, it is a season to plan, dream and fantasize about your future. I love John C Maxwell’s quote, “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.”

January Team Player of the Month

RCMP Musical Ride Prepares Chauffeur
World Class Chauffeur Cam
This month’s team player is another one of Brentwood’s World Class Chauffeurs: Cam Croal.
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