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Behind the Scenes of our Video Project

Limo girls night out laughing video shootWaging a war on status quo: From Idea to Execution. Featuring a new ‘Designed for You Event’ every month!! 12 months ago we had the idea and vision to expand our service in the event business.  What better way to introduce the idea than to release a movie-quality video promoting, at our clients request,  “Unforgettable Events Designed for You.” Some might call it a commercial or promotional video but we would prefer to think of it as our first ever “UNFORGETTABLE MOVIE”.


Video_shoot_Production_behind-the-scenesWhen getting there just isn’t enough: Project Planning. Matt Ninaber’s company, High Rise Studio, was instrumental in orchestrating our whole production from beginning to end. You can liken our experience of making a video with High Rise to one you might have with an unforgettable chauffeured service company. Their professionalism and experience in the movie business proved evident in the process we journeyed through and our final product. A work of perfection definitely takes time and commitment. Without High Rise it would have been another failed attempt.

Matt & Jennifer setting up lightingCreators, designers and architects of unforgettable experiences: Production & Partnership. Creating and designing unforgettable events is easier than capturing all the feelings you might have with a perfectly architected UNFORGETTABLE EVENT on video. “The Unforgettable Designed for You Ultimate Day Event” we created for the video translated into multiple days of shooting. Our footage ranged from the Waterloo Region to Niagara with multiple stops at our partner locations along the way. Watch closely and you will see our featured partners who helped make the unforgettable event possible. Partners like Innocente Brewery who provided drinks and EVO Kitchen who provided boxed gourmet lunches. Yes, even Niagara Helicopters is a partner they landed us at Aure Winery who hosted us for some of the best wines Niagara has to offer.  You will see some of our fleet of diverse vehicles featured from breakfast at the Daily Grill to dinner at Wildcraft. However, like it is the case for most of our clients, the event does not stop there.  We incorporated an after party at Whistle Bear.  See how many vehicles and locations you notice in the video. Capturing the emotion of the event with a cast of actors who are also clients, chauffeurs and friends of Brentwood was not only possible because they were photogenic but possible because they truly enjoyed the experience. Thank you to each of you for your contribution.

Limbusine_Burlington_BridgeWhen travel isn’t about travel anymore: Shift Happens. I love the quote “Blessed are the flexible for they will not be easily bent out of shape.” Thankfully Matt and his team were the epitome of flexible.  After several months of planning and arranging we organized day 1 of shooting and filmed it in June.  We had a concept of the script before day 1 of filming but it probably went through 10 editions before finalizing on what the script is now.  Flexibility was needed for rescheduling due to bad weather, vehicle availability, or even actor, and partner availability. Our final day of filming ended on an incredibly windy, chilling day. We planned and executed some drone footage but you won’t see any of it in this production.  That’s a story for another day. We finally finished filming one cold windy night in October before the snow started to fly.  Hair and wardrobes were flying everywhere but we made the best of it.  

Limobus Party Toasting Night-on-the-TownTransforming transportation into the unforgettable: Designed For You, With You & By You. We are waging a war on status quo. The way things are now and have been in the past. We don’t just have drivers and we don’t just have cars. We aren’t just moving people from one spot to another. We are creators, designers and architects of unforgettable experiences. When travel isn’t about travel anymore and becomes something more. It’s not just an outing, it’s the perfect day designed for you with you and by you. It becomes an experience, creating memories you will never forget. Don’t be surprised if the journey becomes as memorable as the destination.


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