TrueNorth 2018

True North 2018 - Tech for GoodBrentwood had the privilege of taking care of some 2400 guests and speakers at the inaugural 2018 TrueNorth conference. Looking after key speakers and guests who traveled both locally and Internationally.  “It’s not a conference. It is the beginning of a movement,” said Communitech CEO Iain Klugman.

The conference was all about how to use tech for good. It started with a “Tech for Good Declaration,” a living document and a set of guiding principles – written by True North attendees… It was unveiled on the main stage by Canada’s former Governor General, David Johnston.

These principles set the tone for the day:

  • Build trust and respect your data.
  • Be transparent and give choice.
  • Reskill the future of work.
  • Leave no one behind.
  • Think inclusively at every stage.
  • Actively participate in collaborative governance.
  • Continuing the discussion: Questions that still need answers.

Upon reflection I believe that tech or anything for that matter can be used for good or evil, it is all in the hands and motive of the creator. So check your motives.


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