If your life was a Giant Billboard

if your life was a giant billboard what message would you want it to say
I had the opportunity to speak to a business class at Woodlawn Christian Highschool last month. I was inspired by their ideas and eagerness to learn. I was also quite excited by the topic I was asked to speak on. I was asked several questions by the class and one that stood out to me was, “if your life was a giant billboard what message would you want it to say.” Instead of me answering the question directly, I got the class to split into groups to discuss their opinions. The instructions I gave them were to include the ideas around Unforgettable, life, experience or event, people, and celebrate! Here are some of the ideas they came up with were:

“Celebrate life with people you love and it will be unforgettable”

“An unforgettable life requires people and celebration”

“Live together and celebrate with people to create unforgettable life changing experiences with one another”

“Celebrate life and make it unforgettable with others”

“Experience life in unforgettable ways through events and celebrations with the people that matter most to you”

“Celebrating people’s lives through unforgettable experiences”

I have written about this before but I am passionate and excited about it. The unforgettable life is one full of memories and ultimately, I believe the best memories are built with other people. Life isn’t about ourselves, or doing it alone but creating memories with others. I can’t help but think that creating the best memories are with the people around us. I believe this is the second greatest commandment we can fulfill in this life. Loving other people is tied right into what I do every day; celebrating the best day of our lives and celebrating with those we love.


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