Eagle’s Flight – Personal Column – March 2013

We have recently teamed up with an organization called Eagle’s Flight, based locally in Guelph. On Tuesday, February 26th, we had the amazing opportunity to take some key members of our BWL team to participate in their experiential training session on how to work better as a team.
Eagle’s Flight taught several key lessons that I walked away with. I think my favorite being, “your ability to meet the needs of your external customers is only as good as your ability to meet the needs of your internal customers.” It taught me a lot about how lead a company with a ‘scandal free zone’ where we eliminate disrespect, selfishness and gossip – we always have a choice. Everyone in an organization needs to remember “it’s not about me, it’s about us”. The training also enforced the concept that there are always small department goals amongst a larger unified corporate goal. Everyone needs to understand the BIG picture. Communication builds trust and trust improves communication which builds more trust. These are certainly key concepts that can be used both inside and outside of business.
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