BeerTown – December Referring Client of the Month

Beertown - December Referring Client of the MonthBeerTown has been a referring partner of Brentwood for many years now. However, this month in conjunction with our news about Luxury $hared Experiences we have partnered with BeerTown as our first official meeting location for our shared bus trips to all Toronto Maple Leaf and Toronto Raptors home games.  Why not drop in before the bus arrives to enjoy a new fusion from their Fusion Tower, a Beer Paddle with 4 draughts of your choice, sit at a Tap Table or watch what takes for two people to carry the Beermageddon Paddletron 3000 – loaded with all the draughts on tap!! BeerTown is a perfect meeting spot before your relaxing cruise to the city. Thank you BeerTown for being our Referring client of the month.

Luxury Shared Sports Experiences

Are you dreading the drive to a Leafs or Raptors game? Dread no more! Take a luxury shared limobus to every home game. …and the only traffic you’ll be watching is in front of the net!

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