How many things have changed in 29 years that we have been running Brentwood Livery

How can we help you?Although we have done our best, the time to communicate with our clients I believe is more important now than ever. We come alongside of you, as we celebrate 29 years in business. The real question I have for each of my clients is, how can I best serve you now? It doesn’t matter what we did 29 years ago if it doesn’t serve you today. There are many varieties of service we could offer and many we have been involved in. We have offered everything from day to day private chauffeured service for both personal and corporate purposes, airport travel, large group multiday, multi vehicle events, social, wedding and special event experiences. At the end of the day we have transformed transportation into the UNFORGETTABLE LIFE, EXPERIENCE, EVENT! If our service does not leave you more productive, in a better state of mind, having created a memory that is unforgettable, then we haven’t done our job.

According to our clients, hiring a private chauffeured service, especially for business, increases productivity, lowers stress and eliminates the potential risk of driving distracted. The way we see it is this; what happens if you are about to close a deal with the biggest account in your career history and you hit traffic, or worse yet are involved in a fender bender and you miss that meeting, leaving your clients without your services? Our job is to ensure that never happens. We seek to continually offer a service that provides a stress free environment to make sure your meetings, big or small, are never missed, and never late.

So as we continue into this year we want to hear from you. We want to know how we can provide you with more value? What would make your life more unforgettable? What would make your day to day living even better if we offered this service? How could we add more value and enhance what we do on a new level that would leave you living the unforgettable life day in, and day out?

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