The best things in life aren’t things

Best things in life aren't things“The best things in life aren’t things.” I came across this quote posted on a church sign and I thought how appropriate to share with you this Christmas time. Christmas is a time to reflect on the best things of life. Advertisers know this well and hope they can convince an audience that the best things are ANY NEW-things. It feels like advertising overload. Are you tired of seeing, hearing and reading “things” advertised? Limo companies advertise it’s all “How you get there”.

We at Brentwood truly believe “it’s not about how you get there or what fancy limo/car you arrive in but how you FEEL when you arrive.” Those feelings, memories and the time spent with those you love are the best ‘things’ in life…. that aren’t things. Have you noticed this trend happening this year? Articles, blog posts and conversations all centred around giving gifts that aren’t things. Ronald Mcdonald house calls it the “gift of Togetherness.” Truly, at the end of the day, the non-renewable resource you can’t replace is your time. Ultimately, giving a gift this season of your time will pay HUGE dividends into yours and hopefully their relationship bank of life.

Two client conversations I had last week spurred on this thought process of giving your time. “What better gift can I give my grandma for her 96th birthday than time with me and her 6 closest friends touring KW.” Another client said, “I didn’t realize that 2 hours of uninterrupted travel time with my clients could be so valuable. Now my clients are calling me to see when we can spend more time together.” Create unforgettable memories this Christmas that will leave Grandma and her friends feeling delighted with or without a limo!!!


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