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A few months ago I was at Lot42 for an event when the graffiti wall in the courtyard caught my attention. Some time passed after that visit and we realized how badly we needed to update our fleet images on our website. Patrick Doyle, the Managing Partner of Lot42 opened the door for us to bring in the majority of our fleet staged outside the venue. The courtyard with a unique, one-of-a-kind graffiti wall as the backdrop made an unforgettable image. The challenge in early June was 4 fold. Our fleet needed to be available on the day the weather was perfect, our photographers ready to go and before Lot42 assembled their outdoor tent or when they didn’t already have an event on. If you haven’t heard of Lot42, you have now! Its a unique space primed and already hosting many events, concerts, and festivals since they opened in 2017 on their 17-acre global flex campus. June 19th and 20th it was home to the second Communitech TrueNorth event with Brentwood at the helm ready to serve.

Thank you David Eckmier for a wonderful job you did. Whether climbing to the peak of your ladder or getting on top of a roof, you did it! David went above and beyond, with short notice, to make sure we got the images we needed! Our photoshoot would not have been possible without you and the kind approval from Patick Doyle to have access to his venue for our amazing portfolio of images of our fleet.

For more information on Lot42 visit or you can connect with our photographer David through their website:
David and Kara


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