Andrew Collard – July Team Player of the Month

Andrew Collard - Team Player of the MonthThis month’s team player is Andrew Collard. He has recently finished a year in a servant leadership program and is preparing for University of Waterloo in September. Andrew has been with us for just over one year and hopes to continue on our team as long as possible through his university education.  Andrew has a strong work ethic and a desire to see a job done well. He gives 100% both at work and outside of work.  I first had the privilege of getting to know Andrew on the ice, playing in a men’s hockey league with him. It was here I was able to witness his energy, talent and hard work.  He gives everything he has to every shift to ensure he makes it count. I am excited to see Andrew’s leadership growth this summer as he embraces a showroom supervisor/lead detailer role. Thank you Andrew for being part of our team.

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