“The Shindig” – Thank You Networking at Cowbell Brewing Co.

Givesome Thank you networking event at Cowbell BreweryRecently Brentwood partnered with Givesome as a sponsor and a collaborator on a ‘thank-you networking’ event we affectionately called the Shindig. Givesome, Brentwood and Cowbell, the newest and only self sustaining Brewery in Canada, all came together to say thank you to Givesome’s founding partners, contributors and new raving fans. Thank you for helping launch the Givesome platform to make giving, even if it is in micro contributions, engaging, impactful and common practice. If you haven’t downloaded the app check it out. Givesome.ca

The stop at Cowbell was a highlight of our event! Watch for details coming soon to our website of how Cowbell will be a part of a new Unforgettable, Designed for You Brentwood Brewery Tour. More details coming to an unforgettable webpage near you!!


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