Lego, the building blocks to a better connected team

Clutch Power Consulting Lego Real Play for Businesses and teams

Who knew that playing Lego would uncover deep-seated beliefs about value, potential, obstacles, dreams, and visions for our lives and the future of our business? Well, I can tell you who — Jonathan Bosman, who owns his own company called Clutch Power Consulting. He took our team through a three-hour exercise, one I never had before. I’ve played Lego, built Lego sets with my kids and even gone to Legoland in Toronto and Disney. I’m fascinated by huge pieces of Lego glued together or animated into a Lego Movie — but I would not say I’m a Lego guru nor I would even classify myself as someone who builds Lego. I have had no interest since I was a kid. Jonathan did an exercise with me using six pieces of Lego. He said, “you have 30 seconds to build a Duck.” The “ah-has” I received from these fundamental clutch power principles had me sold on this new team building idea for our team and to share with you our clients. Clutch Power and Brentwood have partnered together to help other companies become aware of their team dynamics or uncover some things that are hard to express with words. For those who can’t draw a picture, Jonathan will guarantee they can build ideas with lego blocks. Jonathan is completely right, “if a picture’s worth a thousand words, building with lego could be worth thousands upon millions.” Stay tuned for more information about how Clutch Power and Brentwood could come to your company to serve you on a whole new level.


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