BWL News of the Month – Happy 23rd Anniversary Brentwood!

David Ferguson – 1990 Caprice Classic Stretch Limousine

Where has the time gone?  This month marks our 23rd anniversary in business. And boy o boy what a great journey it has been! I thought it would be appropriate to share a brief recap of the last 23 years at Brentwood. What does it matter to you? Well, our business is only what it is today because of you and your loyalty to our service. We have a number of dedicated clients who have been enjoying our service faithfully since day one.
I started the business as a mere 13 year old.  My first employee was my dad whom I hired to carry the business while I was off finishing high-school then university, courting and marrying my wife, Oh and travelling as the drummer in a rock band. My dad was brilliant; he really had an ownership mentality! (LOL).  We started the business with one car, a 6 passenger, burgundy interior stretch limousine, fondly named our ‘bread and butter’.  Brentwood was run out of our kitchen office in Colonial Acres.  We soon realized the need to adjust our fleet to accommodate our client’s ever changing needs. We added a sedan for more corporate travel, then outgrew our ‘bread and butter’, adding an 8 then a 10 passenger stretch limousine. Next we added a Limobus, then a bigger Limobus, then an even BIGGER limobus. We started renting barn space to house our fleet. Today we are proud to be in our 5000 square foot Showroom @ 299 Bridge St E. and are presently the owners of 17 luxury vehicles. We are grateful to our clients and for the growth that we have experienced over the past 23 years. In fact, the only reason we continue to grow is because of you.
Our core values are the same that they were 23 years ago: We are a family run, people focused, service industry, striving for constant improvement.  We uphold trust, honesty and integrity.  We will never guarantee the cheapest prices because that’s not what we stand for.  We stand for quality, and creating unforgettable memories with each experience, every time.
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