HOW to avoid a BOOKING Surprise!!

HOW to avoid a BOOKING Surprise!!

Have you ever showed up to an event or thought you booked something only to realize, albeit too late, that you actually didn’t hit send on your draft email? Or the memory you had of calling to secure your reservation was actually just a dream and didn’t really happen? Or the person you delegated to book your travel, didn’t? What happened then? Well, after the initial panic – perhaps while still in fight or flight mode you scrambled to solve your new problem! Of course, everything in that moment can be super heightened in our mind, with adrenaline rushing through our body, especially dependent on what’s at stake.  What are you in risk of losing if this reservation doesn’t happen? A ticket to the theatre? First class seat to Dubai? A proposal worth $xxx, xxx, xxx? How big of a problem have you found yourself in?

If you are booking service there is more than a car showing up on the right day, at the right time, to the right location for the right number of people. At Brentwood Livery, our clients know our booking process and this releases the pressure that builds with the uncertainty of wondering if your chauffeur will arrive.

Understanding the Brentwood Livery Booking Process so you never need to panic!:

Step #1: To book service you can…

Call/email to live reservations/event team – Monday to Friday 9-5pm


Use 24-hour online web portal to make, change or manage reservation trip details.

Step #2:

A detailed booking confirmation (containing a unique confirmation number) is emailed to confirm booking accuracy.

Step #3:

An automatic 24-hour & 2-hour trip reminder notice is emailed as a final reminder ensuring trip date, time, vehicle type & 1st pickup location accuracy.

Step #4:

Real-time chauffeur status updates when; en route, on location, a passenger onboard & passenger dropped. Opt-in for email or monitor online.

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