BWL News – Necessary Endings

Good Bye Town Car, Hello Lincoln MKS
Necessary Endings

Lincoln Town Car vs. Lincoln MKS

It is a new year, a new season, and with it comes new beginnings, new sedans and in this case new features. Have you read the book by Henry Cloud entitled “Necessary Endings”? The title emulates what has transpired with the Lincoln Town Car Executive L Series. Lincoln ended production of the Town Car in 2011 and this year we have replaced the majority of our Lincoln Ls with the new Lincoln MKS.

Unfortunately our industry and you our clients have become so accustomed to the extra large trunk space, and more importantly extra long leg room. However, we are super proud to now offer the new Lincoln MKS as part of our luxury sedan Fleet. The trunks are not as deep, but are longer. The legroom is definitely shorter but the seats sit higher and best of all the rear seats are heated! The new ride is not nearly the free floating Town Car feel, but with the lower profile tires and all wheel drive traction control and tighter steering allow for more driver control and safety.

If you are traveling with more than 1 person, and the second passenger requires more leg room (often for those who are 6’ plus) we feature the Mercedes S550 and the SUV Sedan as options other than the stretch. Both of these option offer either more legroom or more luggage and passenger capacity.

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