Special Father’s Day Gift for our Clients

Brand new 12 foot walk-along bus/car washBrentwood purchased a new toy recently and we are excited to put it into full use. No, it’s not another vehicle for you to enjoy but a tool to make our cleaning process easier, cheaper, faster and hopefully get 10x better results!  What is it you ask? Well, it is a 12 foot walk-along bus/car wash that simulates a foam brush car wash but with a hand wash result. Because it’s Fathers Day and in honour of my father, the founder of Brentwood Livery, we want YOU to enjoy the luxury of not only our clean fleet but also your own personal vehicle.  Our team are also proficient at rim and tire shine, interior vacuuming, leather seat conditioning, interior window, dash and console cleaning, salt stain extraction and interior shampooing…. We do it all. Besides a clean vehicle you could also visit our showroom and see some of our new fleet plus tour behind the scenes of our Unforgettable Operation. If you have used our service in the last 12 months, you have a FREE CAR WASH on us!!! Watch your email for a PromoCode coming to you for Fathers Day!!

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