A Smoking Hot Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette PartyIn December, I had a wonderful evening at the Wedding Vendor Christmas Party out at Rebel Creek Golf Course. Although the advertisement says it’s an excuse to get drunk and sing karaoke it was fairly subdued. There was some great karaoke (and some not-so-great). In reality, it was just a wonderful time to get out of the office and meet up with fellow vendors who you know, like and can trust that have a common interest in providing a valuable service to their brides and grooms.
Any opportunity to connect with vendors that continually refer business our way is a pleasure.  Thank you for your unforgettable referral and I am looking forward to our next connection socially. Thanks to Eric @ Thunderstorm Productions, David Eckmire @ David and Kara Photography, Anne @ The Wedding Ring, Barbara Grace weddings, Photographer Julie Sawatzky, Danielle Deebank @ Dreamstyle weddings, Liz Rego @ Black Tie Affair, Brian Limoyo Photography, Christian Sacks and more vendors.  Relationships are key to the living the unforgettable life – just a get-together, hangout, connect outside of the workplace at any time but a Christmas social is even better. One highlight is always sharing stories. Christian Sack’s @ Love Sprouts Photography wins the story of the night…because it has a great beginning, but a terrible ending. I don’t like terrible endings. A terrible ending means the client didn’t receive value or feel valued.

So here is the story. Christian’s friend recently chartered a bus for 30 people to take them to Niagara Falls for a bachelorette party. Her friend decided to save $150 (which Christian said could have easily been divided amongst the 30 people who were going) and not get one with A/C. In the middle of summer. (Not likely intentional that it didn’t have A/C but very common)

I’m sure you can imagine how that went.

It’s smoking hot and you don’t even want to sit any closer to the people beside you because they’re soaking wet. It becomes a disgusting mess.

It never ceases to amaze me how people get suckered into believing a low price will still deliver the experience they want. What’s $150 divided among 30 people compared to a hot, sweaty, uncomfortable experience?

Thank you, Christian, for your continued support for Brentwood Livery. I’m sorry your friend didn’t use us for the bachelorette party, but I’m thankful that you refer us to your brides and grooms day in and day out. Thanks for bringing all the wedding vendors together.

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