Read this…Before hiring a vendor for your wedding day!

Read this...Before hiring a vendor for your wedding day!In response to the recent closure of an area wedding service provider, ensure you’re hiring trustworthy vendors.

The old adage of “buyer beware” depends on the insight, perception, and awareness of the buyer. This article is not written to scare you but to increase your awareness that not all companies have their clients best interest in mind. If it feels too good to be true, ask yourself why this is the case and listen for your answer.

How to avoid getting taken advantage of?

First of all, do your research. At a minimum…Google search for the vendor/company’s reputation? Ask other wedding experts for their input. Ask community leaders and organizations for credible companies to deal with. If your other vendors don’t know them or have nothing good to say, stay away. Sources like the Wedding Ring can help you feel confident about the vendor that you’re hiring.

Second, do a site visit and listen to your intuition while interacting. Get to know, like and trust your vendor during this in person visit. If it feels too good to be true, it likely is. Typically, those that offer the lowest price also make lots of promises they don’t ever intend or are simply unable to keep. But a company who always says yes to your every request is a warning sign not a bonus. No company can serve every client’s request.  Usually with the lowest price, you won’t get the best service and/or highest quality product/equipment. On your wedding day, I can’t imagine anyone would sacrifice high-level service and or product/equipment just to get a lower price.

Thirdly, full payment up front months in advance, especially cash with no record or receipt, might also be a sign that the company is struggling financially.  Combine this with offering the lowest price cash deals and likely the company doesn’t pay taxes, therefore, operates with shady business practices. Downright illegal.  If they are willing to pay the price to avoid the law, they are likely willing to risk your well being and wedding day experience also. So even though they are offering lower rates if you pay months in advance don’t fall for that trap.


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