Team Player of the Month – Terry Huang

Team Player Detailer Terry HuangEvery month we try and honour a different team member and this month is somebody that you don’t know much about, but we want you to. Our team member this month is rather reserved and we wonder if anyone knows much about him. Terry has been working with our team since the fall of 2018. Something exciting that is happening in his world is he is just finishing his last year at Bluevale Secondary Highschool, and accepted an offer to the University of Toronto to study physics and chemistry in the fall. We are excited for him and what the future holds. Terry has a good sense of humour, quick wit, is very respectful, yet typically quiet. He has a friendly smile, and agrees to clean any vehicle to the Brentwood pristine clean that our customers have come to enjoy. So we thank you this month Terry for you being apart of our team, and we know it’s going to be a busy summer but we appreciate everyday that you contribute to us.

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