Team Player of the Month: Trevor White

Team Player of the Month Trevor WhiteI met Trevor when he was pre-wife, pre-house, pre-kids and pre-dog but full of talent and unfulfilled potential. It’s so long ago that when he started serving Brentwood Livery he even owned a pager. Trevor has an incredible talent and ability to not let any technical challenge or problem stump him. What I love about Trevor is his firm belief “it can be done”! Trevor has provided IT council and first hand support to BWL for over 15 years. In fact you might even remember him on reservations and dispatch, evenings and weekends! Trevor took your calls while he was building our website, helping me with digital design, setting up or updating our VOIP phones, updating our client list and or expanding our automation through digitization. It’s been a long time since he carried that role but if you have been a client of BWL for more than 15 years you might well remember how he did that role so well as well. Thank you Trevor for being part of our team and for taking action on all your potential. You never cease to amaze me with what you can build and automate!

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