Team Player – Maria

Maria as our Team Player of the MonthNothing happens until something moves, or more accurately… a business is only valuable after a sale is made. However, Maria knows a sale is only valuable after the trip has been completed successfully and the money is in the bank. This month, we recognize Maria as our Team Player of the Month. Maria has been with Brentwood for over 2 years with her primary role being post trip service completion. She takes care of the service after your trip has been completed, including invoicing, evaluations and follow up. You will also find her assisting reservations when our event team is busy with other clients.

This November when the Ferguson family took off to Florida, Maria was the one who carried the business after hours. With 5 of our full time ‘family’ employees out of the country, Maria, with the help of our team, was successful at running Brentwood, maintaining our excellent standard of service. You know you have a great business when your team can successfully wear multiple hats in your absence. Maria is an asset to Brentwood and a dependable responsible team member that believes in our vision and carries our values day in and day out. Thank you Maria!!

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