MacKenzie D. Team Player of the Month

MacKenzie D August Team Player of the MonthIn April I knew our team needed some more talent to help us expand our marketing efforts. This month’s team player is MacKenzie D. She joined our team at the end of April and has been a blessing of fresh ideas and creative design.

She started her position jumping right into some Snapchat marketing for proms and I have to admit, no one else was going to pursue or understand given the younger age groups on Snapchat. If you haven’t seen our latest contest of the month, read our new event emails or been in our vehicles to see the promos you are missing out on some great work. MacKenzie is easy to work with and brings ideas and creativity plus some advanced writing skills to the office every day.

How quickly three months has flown by. She is going to be missed in September when she returns to Conestoga college to finish her business marketing degree. Thank you MD for your help to our marketing team to get lots of things done with very little background knowledge of our industry and client market!


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