Team Player of the Month – George Schmidt

Team Player of the month GeorgeThis month’s team player goes to one who is affectionately known as “Mr. Incredible”, “Pastor”, “Polkaroo”, “The Wind” and “Odd Job George”: George Schmidt! Everybody on the team knows when George has been in and out of the showroom. He doesn’t stay long because he’s so efficient at his job. From restocking vehicle supplies to maintaining our SPOTLESS water system to managing our ongoing recycling program. Thank you George for how you keep our fleet pristine. How you endlessly check oil, tire pressures, and every other ‘odd’ task you get delegated. You ensure Brentwood creates unforgettable experiences every time. We’re grateful you’re part of our team and we just wanted to honor you and say thank you.

George has many talents, from marrying and burying people to a past career as a service manager and a pastor. We appreciate you Mr. Incredible, you bring the morale up of our team. You always come in at just the right time and have a word of knowledge to share when someone needs it most. It is remarkable how every day you can be so incredible. We want to honour you in our Unforgettable Life News and your peers chose you as our team player of the month.


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