Team Player of the Month – Brent Ferguson

Brent Ferguson Chief Experience Officer at Brentwood LiveryWE had to pull the wool over Brent’s eyes to write this month’s team player of the month article! This month we all want to show honour and appreciation to BRENT, our fearless leader.

Brentwood Livery has been in business for 29 years this month! Brent, our CEO, jokes that he purchased the business when he was 13 years old and hired his mom and dad to run it for the first 10 years. I’m not sure Brent knew at age 13 that he was going to be the CEO of BWL “when he grew up”. In fact his first dream was to become a police officer with the K9 unit. When that dream fizzled he decided to go to Bible college to get a music degree, hoping to become a famous rock star. When that dream died (after he became a dad and reality set in) he threw himself full on into the business of Brentwood. Coincidentally when Brent and I first started dating I was adamant that I would NEVER want to be involved in the business. Nursing was my thing. Brentwood was his. Well now look at us; married 20 years and working side by side everyday….and still in love!

Brent & Laura Ferguson with Brentwood Livery Stretch LimoBrent continues to amaze us all with his affinity to learn. He is in a constant state of Kaizen – continuous improvement. He is never satisfied with the status quo but is always striving to BE more and he coaches those around him to do the same. Brent leads our team here at BWL with such a positive, uplifting attitude; full of grace and mercy.

I asked our team to write what they appreciate and respect about Brent as well:

Chris ~ I am truly grateful for the opportunity Brent gave to me to be part of this amazing team. He continues to motivate and inspire me to be a better person, father and team member and to believe that I can be and do more. I love being able to work directly with him to create and develop new ideas to help others live an Unforgettable Life!

Beverly ~ Brent’s unwaivering passion to create Unforgettable service to his clients, Brentwood staff and family, It is contagious! His desire and care to Coach the Brentwood Livery team and see them excel and grow in their personal lives and work atmosphere, wisdom beyond his age. Setting an example and raising the bar each and every day.

Trevor ~ I appreciate the energy Brent brings to Brentwood Livery and our team; some days it’s hard for me to muster up the energy to work but if I’m in the office and Brent is talking about one of his ideas or comes by with some chit-chat it’s hard not to absorb some of that energy he’s giving off.

Darlene ~ Brent is a wonderful leader. He inspires others and is a great communicator. He is committed 100% and encourages others to perform their tasks in the best way possible by inspiring creativity and teamwork.

Kent ~ Brent makes the best effort to offer the best value for his clients. He uses his greatness for his staff and clients alike. You can count on Brent. He puts his butt on the line daily to create wins all around.

#Unforgettable CEO Brent Ferguson

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