Annika – Team Player of the Month

Annika Team Player of the MonthAs quick as you get a limo clean there’s another one getting dirty. This month I’m commending another detailer on our team who has been with us for 13 months. Completing a job that never ends is a challenge, but not for Annika. She ensures every limo she touches leaves our showroom looking clean. Congrats to Annika on being our team player of the month. Through the school year she manages to work part time and study music at Heritage College. She and I have a music degree in common. However, I am envious because her primary instrument travels much easier than mine! But my drums are always louder than the flute. Annika always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She has a willingness to grow and these are commendable qualities to have in a teammate. Thank you Annika for being part of our team.

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