Alex Barnes – July Team Player of the Month

Alex Barnes July Team Player of the MonthThis month I am also proud to feature a team player pursuing yet again a passion near and dear to my heart. Alex Barnes, a passionate fantabulous drummer,  joined our detail team 12 months ago. I don’t just like and respect Alex because he is musically talented, at more than just drums I must add, but because he has shown large amounts of maturity at BWL throughout the process of his “dad” becoming his new boss.  Kent Barnes started chauffeuring with our team in May of 2017 and recommended Alex to our detail team shortly thereafter. Little did Alex know Kent would soon take on the role of showroom supervisor in January 2018. The two of them show large portions of respect and grace to each other.  At Brentwood, if you are on the team you are part of the family. However, actually having similar DNA strands as our coworkers often complicates our ability to separate our familiarity when communicating in a professional role from our ‘unguarded around the house’ communication. I must say Alex you have exceeded our expectations and set the bar high for others to follow you. Well done and thank you for being an integral part of our detail team. We also look forward to watching your musical talent and passion develop further.

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