Referring Partner of the Month – Golfplay

Brent leo and Jace at GolfplayThis month our referring partner has an irresistible offer: “Swing for a Million” and support Big Brothers / Big Sisters charity event September 20-22nd and Brentwood Livery is one of the recognized sponsors.  In addition to the chance to win a Million you could win a “Golfplay VIP Experience”, which includes 4 hours of VIP golf, plus limousine service. I had the privilege alongside of Leo, to tour and experience Golfplay’s facility. From the moment I walked through the door until my final goodbyes with all their team, what an experience it was! I am pleased to introduce Brentwood’s newest contributing partner – Golfplay. Did I mention even the floor moves to adjust to your virtual golf shot to the lie of your ball? Virtual golf eh? You can even aim your shot with your foot and the move of the mouse. Given I haven’t learned  how to aim my golf shots properly on a real course I was pleased to find out a mouse is all I needed indoors. Steve came up with several fantastic ideas to promote Brentwood to his client base and we are pleased to feature them as a referring partner/client of the month.


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