Introducing Luxury Shared Experiences

Introducing Luxury Shared Experiences from Brentwood LiveryBefore… a private limo was your only option to experience Brentwood’s chauffeured service! Now… Brentwood Livery is offering a brand NEW Luxury $hared Experience. Do you know how many people stop us at events to tell our team how much they enjoy driving downtown Toronto to the Air Canada Centre via the 401? NONE!!!! Never has someone ever boasted about the enjoyment of driving themselves downtown. Allegedly distracted driving was the cause of the recent fatal motor-vehicle collisions closing the 401 five times in nine days. Driven by our mission to Transform Transportation into Unforgettable Life experiences and events we are confident this is the right time to launch a new service to reduce stress and increase people’s quality of life. Offering individual tickets to a Luxury Shared Experience allows you to forget the hassles and risks of driving yourself. Now you, your family and friends can sit back, relax and save money while enjoying chauffeured Luxury. Brentwood has added new Designed For You packages. Today you can choose from 3 different Luxury Shared Holiday Lights Tours or a Toronto Maple Leafs or Toronto Raptors Shared Experience. Buy your Limo ride ticket at You might even make new friends or meet others who share your same interests on the way.

Luxury Shared Sports Experiences


Luxury Shared Holiday Lights Tours



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