Featured Offer – May 2014 – PROM booking Season is HERE

PROM booking Season is HEREPROM booking Season is HERE!  Do you know someone celebrating this year? If you do please share this promo.

For parents, we know how difficult it can be to choose the right transportation for your child’s prom. Companies that offer super low prices, promising them beautiful vehicles and over the top service all too often are the companies that don’t have a service guarantee, arrive late, disheveled and even get lost, in vehicles that do not come close to resembling what their website showed. The worst part is they lack integrity when something goes amiss to deal with you fairly. Brentwood receives calls every year from out of town companies, asking us to ‘save the day’ when in fact, it is too late, we are already booked and busy serving our own clients.

If your child is celebrating prom this year, we have a special feature for YOU. Ask our reservationists about what prom package includes the ‘parent trip’ while the students are at prom. Would you like to enjoy a night out with your friends while your teen is at prom? The limousine will have a few hours of downtime. Why not take advantage of that and enjoy some luxury yourself?

Check out our Prom Packages

Make prom night magical

Prom & Parents Dinner Package

Why let the kids have all the fun?

Prom night is also a big event for the parents. Once the kids are safely at the prom the limousine will return to take the parents for dinner! They too can share in the joy of the big night.

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