The reviews are in…. and we have just scratched the surface!

Primed and ready for growth in kitchener waterlooIt was an honour to work with 6 very bright MBA students from The Schulich School of Business.  We were offered the opportunity for them to take a deep dive and forensically evaluate our business. Over 6 months they peeled back the onion so to speak, looking at the layers that might need improvement to better Brentwood’s sustainability and scalability as a Luxury Chauffeured Business. The students scrutinized over each area from finance to marketing, vehicle utilization to customer service reports, evaluations, testimonies and more. Upon completing their 6 month project they provided a detailed report of our largest areas of improvement that could yield the greatest return.  What I found most valuable was how many new ideas I was able to brainstorm as a result of answering their autopsy questions! Peculiar as it is, each student, yet again, readily admitted our business is profoundly complex with so many moving parts. The good news report for all of our raving fans is… we aren’t finished scaling or growing our sustainability as a company. Even better news, we have only scratched the surface when it comes to our mission of designing and/or helping our clients and partners create the unforgettable life, experience or event every time.

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