BWL News – May 2014 – Our new Mobile App called MyRide

There are over 6 billion mobile devices in circulation today. The alarming stat is that there are only 4.2 billion toothbrushes worldwide. The last I checked, a toothbrush costs less than a mobile device! I suppose this tells us something about our future and the impact of mobile devices. Recognizing that our clients desire convenience from the palm of your hands, Brentwood has adapted to the mobile world. We are proud to announce the launch of our new Mobile App called MyRide, available on Blackberry, Android and iphone. It is time to enhance our agility and efficiency with a cloud based solution. NOW, at the convenience of your mobile device, you can reserve, change, and confirm your reservations. Once your trip starts, you will be able to see your chauffeur enroute to you, right from your mobile device: Convenience in the palm of your hand. No more excuses for why you didn’t book your private chauffeur and enjoy the luxury of Brentwood service! When you book your next trip we will email you a link to download MyRide. You will then receive a username and password…it’s that simple. Sign up and enjoy convenience at your finger tips.

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