BWL News – Jan 2014

Your continued FEEDBACK is WELCOMED. We have been listening to your feedback and we have been taking action on delivering that technology to improve our service offering to you. As our world becomes technologically more advanced, we recognize technology can make our lives simpler and not more complicated. Something as simple as receiving an automated 24 hour and 2 hour trip reminder can make a difference in simplifying your busy life. We have even heard a client’s testimony that they forgot about an important event and the trip reminder was the only thing that reminded them so they didn’t miss using their theatre tickets.

I’m sure by now you have noticed that your chauffeurs name and cell number are included in your trip reminder messages making it even easier to communicate via text or phone call directly with your chauffeur. However, please note that all major trip changes, run time changes etc should still be communicated directly to the office.

One request we have observed is the need to respond to your ever changing schedules with convenient booking features for those last minute trips or just to capitalize on your mobile technology to book, change, or track your car while you are on the fly or working that late night shift. What if you could use your smart mobile device to locate your chauffeur and didn’t have to call any one… what would that be worth?? Stay tuned as we keep developing our service to make it easier than ever to book and track your trip from the palm of your hand.

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