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Younger Generation Community Initiatives & Engagement

It’s Just Not True ….Too often I hear “the younger generation today just isn’t engaged with community initiatives, gifting or caring about the community they work and play in. I am here to say that “It’s Just Not True”   This and next month I will highlight two individuals that exemplify why I personally have confidence that we as a community are in great hands and we should all endeavour to encourage and support these initiatives, if nothing else they deserve a sincere Thank You!
First -Michael Litt – CEO and Co-Founder of Vidyard just announced a new initiative, Plugin.  Plugin is a group of community minded and passionate Vidyardian’s striving to help the region’s communities by organizing charitable, fun, and memorable events that unite the area’s professionals with new faces and undiscovered local places.  For our first event, they are revisiting the 90’s and showing a classic film, Clueless, at Apollo Cinemas in DTK on Thursday, March 10.  The best part is… all proceeds are going to the House of Friendship! For those of you that are not familiar with all the good that House of Friendship does downtown, they run over 25 programs within DTK -ranging from shelters, food hamper programs, to addiction services, community programming and long term housing solutions.

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