Waterloo Wolves Select team Investing in their Community

Waterloo Wolves Select Team invest in their CommunityAlthough I have been a participant on the coaching staff of the ‘04 Waterloo Wolves select group of hockey players, this year I have the privilege and responsibility to be sitting in the driver’s seat as the head coach. It is a pleasure to orchestrate and design the training plan, as well as the strategies needed to equip the boys with the skills and mindset to earn the title of Alliance champions for the 3rd time in 4 years.

I am honoured to work with a fantastic group of coaches and an excellent group of teenage young men! For a team building event our social committee arranged for us to decorate the Christmas tree at Kidsability in Waterloo. To engage the boys I simply asked the question how many players have utilized the services or have a family member that has benefited from Kidsability services? Over a quarter of our team put their hands up. It was satisfying to see the boys invest in their community by such a simple act as decorating the Christmas tree and contributing a Christmas gift to leave under the tree.

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