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family businessDo you ever have trouble pulling out of the minutia of everyday to see the big picture of Life? Even if you love it and all the challenges it brings, there is more to life than work. There is something about seeing the earth from 5000 feet up that makes you question where all the little cars are rushing to get to? Speaking about rushing… have you ever travelled with 16 of your family members.

Running a family business can make this quite a challenge. Brentwood has been a part (a major part) of the Ferguson Family since I was 13 years old. Today, 5 of my immediate family members are working in the business. But this November, all 17 of us prioritized taking a week long vacation together in Orlando, Florida. In the airport, strangers would ask the kids what they were excited to see in Florida, anticipating answers such as “Mickey” or “Minnie”. Their answer… “my cousins”.

Working together balanced with playing together makes our family stronger. We spent much of our time relaxing by the pools, playing games, and resting. We took one day to visit the magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Being in the service industry I am always delighted to observe Disney’s outstanding service model. It is always an unforgettable experience at Disney. I hope we can continue to be that unforgettable memory maker for our clients.

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