Personal Column – June 2015

Beauty & the Beast, produced at ByDesign Arts AcademyYou likely don’t know this about me, but before becoming a business owner I was a budding young actor! I wasn’t exactly on my way to Hollywood but as a child and young teen, I was featured in a number of commercials (Pepsi, Hostess, Super Nintendo and even a Ford commercial ironically), Sears flyers, and a historical documentary on the HMCS Haida (likely still playing today on the ship). My two oldest children recently took part in their first musical and I was SO proud of them. Beauty & the Beast, produced at ByDesign Arts Academy was presented to over 1000 attendees on May 23. Madelyn was a narrator and a featured dancer. Cade was the bookseller. They both caught the acting bug and are already planning the next production they will be in. Cade and Maddy are front and center in this picture.

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