Personal Column – Hockey is Here!

This month’s personal column is all about HOCKEY!  Most appropriate given that I coach in the NHL…the “Novice House League”, that is. I coach my 8 year old son’s hockey team: “the Flyers”. We spent countless hours at the rink over the holidays for the annual Hockey Christmas Tournament and we loved it. The highlight of the tournament was the turnaround. After miserably losing our first 2 games, we squeezed into the semis to beat the 1st place team and then went onto WIN the finals against the team we had lost against in our first game.
It is difficult to describe the pride one can have in a group of young players as I watched them all pull up their socks with determination to to play their best and WIN. I truly believe I get more out of my son’s team as his head coach than I have watching “the real NHL” in years. I am thankful to see a resolution for the NHL but the question is pending… “Are there still enough people this season who care to go watch a live game?”  …while others continue to build a community of fun loving local hockey stars!
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