Are you a Laggard or Early adopter?

Are you a Laggard or Early adopter? Perhaps you are in the first 2.5% and you are an Innovator? It could vary depending on innovation topic and what do you believe about yourself? So I’ll pick a topic and perhaps you can share with me where you fit on the bell curve. Topic = Electric Vehicles. I’m thinking I’m an early adopter but I don’t own one yet… how long until we cross the chasm? Then I read this quote… “Our results are nothing but the manifestation of our belief system. Our belief system is based upon our evaluation of something. Frequently if we re-evaluate something our belief system will change.”~ Bob Proctor. This quote has my mind processing many thoughts!! It might explain the Law of Diffusion of Innovation. Why do we have so few innovators and early adopters. Why are the laggards so slow to adapt to change.

Innovation diffusion curve

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If you look at it as a bell curve the law says 2.5% of our population are innovators. 13.5% are early adopters. 34% are early majority and 34% are late majority and then 16% are laggards. According to Simon Sinek the laggards are only buying touch tone phones because they can’t buy rotary phones.

5th Avenue, 1900 Vs. 1913

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In the picture from the Easter Parade on 5th Ave NYC in 1900 you have one (maybe two cars – tell me what you see?) amongst 50+ horse and buggies. Compared to 1913 and you have one horse and the rest cars. I can’t imaging it’s going to take another 11 years as futurists are predicting to see EV’s owning the combustion engine majority!
Tell me how/what it will take for you to own a full Electric Vehicle?

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