Ferguson Family Update

Cade and his bike on our ride over Blue MountainFamily update time. May started with our daughter turning 16. We celebrated and spent the weekend at a dance competition in Collingwood. Premier dance Academy, located in Waterloo, won first academy overall for the fourth consecutive year. Congratulations! While in Collingwood the boys and I took a bike ride around and up 800 meters and over Blue Mountain. It was a beautiful ride except the hundred km/hour winds. Thankfully the wind was at our side or back but never head on or we might not have got anywhere. The day after Maddy turned 16 she wrote her drivers G1 test Monday at lunchtime. Talk about making her dad proud. Although I train professional drivers to become chauffeurs, I have a new appreciation for drivers training teachers, especially for brand new drivers. I’m not saying anything about my daughters driving but more about how much I appreciate what experience and wisdom, judgement and knowledge we gain with age.

Mother’s Day was a great celebration also in May! I’m fortunate to be both celebrating my mom and helping the kids celebrate their mom. The end of May was an exciting routine visit to Sick Kids Hospital for Cade.  He receive his new cochlear implant processors. The coolest thing about his new $12,000 per processor implants is that they come with built in Bluetooth to the iPhone. So all his programming and controls can be done through an app on his phone. Even cooler while he’s training for swimming at the pool he can wear his implants underwater and still hear music clearly.

Laura and Brent Ferguson celebrating Laura's Birthday at the LakeEvery year June starts with a woman’s conference that Laura likes to attend followed by her birthday on June 3rd. This year we decided to surprise her by grocery shopping, meal planning, packing and picking her up for a night at the lake. One thing Laura loves most is to wake up by the water and sip her coffee first thing in the morning on the dock. Another successful birthday plan executed!


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