Desires, Dreams or Hobbies?

Desires, Dreams & HobbiesHow important is a person’s desires, dreams or hobbies? If you have a dream that you stop pursuing what does that make it? Dead or a Hobby? Through my teens into my late 20’s, I had a dream to pursue full-time music. I grew my discipline into a habit of practicing 3 hours/ day as I studied and majored in music, specifically drums and percussion. I even traveled to Nashville, multiple years in a row to surround myself with musicians and study my craft at the CMA’s. Then, it all stopped! Our bands’ vision, dream, and harmony… to pursue the same thing dissipated until it was no longer. Fast forward 12 years and I have picked up my sticks again. However, it feels like I’m learning to speak a whole new language…again! It is exciting to play yet with all the things in my world today I find it a challenge to prioritize time to play. Every time I sit down and play I certainly stir up more energy, creativity and a vibration that reminds me of what it was like to drum in a band for over 7 years. My life as a touring musical rock star, depending on your perspective, wasn’t that glamorous – I will never forget the endless setup & tear down, lugging my own drums, or billeting in stranger’s homes. Also, the rock star life didn’t pay well at that point in time!

My rock star days feel like a whole other lifetime considering my kids know next to nothing of who I was at that time…However, some people might still consider I am living the rock star life now, riding around in the back of a limousine. It’s up for debate!


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