Is it too COOL for winter Boots at OFSSA?

What does it take for a grade 10 boy to win OFSSA XC…Winter BOOTS? For Bluevale Jr boys Cross Country team of runners, snow came early in Sudbury…25cm before Saturday race day. It was enough to endure the 1200+ runners from all over Ontario racing for the OFSSA championship. The snow might have slowed the race pace down (not enough for me to compete in the top 100) but it didn’t stop everyone from finishing. The Cross Country highschool season is short, 2 months and 4 races. There is so much to learn to succeed. Rest, hydration, nutrition, running gear and how to keep your feet warm by wearing boots while waiting for the race to start. You can’t run in boots, but you shouldn’t stand around in the snow for 5 hours in running shoes either… I’m proud of the whole team but extra mentions for my son Cade who wasn’t too cool to wear boots and finished 2nd on his team after fighting his way from the back to pass over a 100 runners. Cade, your persistence to run everyday is contagious and inspiring. Keep doing what you love and be proud of your effort!!

Bluevale Jr boys Cross Country team of runners

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